The Gymkhana of Technological and Interpersonal Skills.

Have an outdoor adventure with plenty of challenges that will put your social and technological skills to the test in the race to get the final aim.

Run, jump, fly… create, share, communicate, decide, negotiate, direct, consider, think, act.

Inspirational Camps are unique experiences for pupils to develop solid technological and soft skills needed to help them secure a successful future.

Participants will work on story-telling, audiovisual communication, digital platforms, the creation of interactive mind-maps, collaborative diaries, e-commerce spaces, negotiation, fellowship, geolocation, etc. They’ll create graphical messages, animations, QR codes, digital quizzes, etc. They will pilot drones, create infographs, manage their communities, etc. All of this will be brought together by the common thread of the story created, with participants immersed in it.

The Story: Raiders of the Magna Carta

Once upon a time …

We go back to the early medieval period where King John I of England, after tense meetings in Runnymede with the nobles of the time, finally signed the Magna Carta on 15 June 1215. The Norman nobles oppressed the Anglo-Saxons, who in turn rebelled against them.

The monarch ceded power to the council of nobles, and England went on to enjoy a period of peace and prosperity. However, not everyone was happy with the agreements reached.

Following the monarch’s death a year later, the original parchment of the Carta Magna disappears from Salisbury Cathedral, leaving the people and their leaders apprehensive.

It is rumored that a group of druids confers it magical powers to produce fruitful crops, and that its falling into evil hands could cause much misfortune to the kingdom.

The person responsible for such villainy remains unknown, and some even speak of bands of orcs coming down the mountains of Scotland. Others speak of Vikings. Others of the heirs of the deceased and never proclaimed King Arthur.

The Anglo-Saxons and Normans send out search groups, driven by different interests, but knowingly sharing the desire to return prosperity to the kingdom.